Race car fans loved this fundraiser for homeless pets. Mark your calendars or bookmark this site for next year.

If you are a Mets fan and want to dress up your critter to win goodies visit these sites: This poor cat is really a Mets fan but hates the hat. This is the official Met Your Pet site to submit your pet photos (outfitted in Met gear..see my earlier posting for links for official pet sports gear).

Part of the reason animal professionals discourage “free” placement of pets is due to the trade in animals. Here is an article highlighting the issue of pets sold for research.

Another article offering pet hurricane evacuation tips.

Survey says…this article talks about taking pets to work. You’ll find the statistics about workers interesting.

If you thought you saw everything check out pet tech. If this concept is appealing I have some other links to share including “sniffy the rat.”

Pit bulls on the rampage across the pond.

Cute pet owner commentary includes some of the books I’ve mentioned and linked to.

I don’t recommend wolf-dogs as pets. Here is an recent article with video on wolf-dogs. I happen to think the article is a bit lame. Here is my extensive commentary on wolf-dog ownership complete with expert comments and references.

This is a good pet safety and health article full of tips.

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