Petpourri of Breaking Animal News

If you don’t think abandoning pets is a common occurrance read this shelter article on an increase. I mentioned the problem was a big one in Canada but this article is from Ohio.

This article talks about people wanting to be buried with their cell phones! It also incorrectly mentions pet issues not being taken care of by the estate. Pet trusts are becoming common and will cover burials and establish arrangement for long-term care.

Microchipping law is it barking up the wrong tree?

New pet travel risk statistics just in.

Read this article to get some good water safety tips for pets.

Read this short article on the most recent shark attack in South Carolina.

The recent heat wave has been hard on people but it also is hard on animals as this article on livestock deaths due the heat wave explores.

Race animal controversy hit the news in this article sparked by Barbaro.

Check out the wild kingdom androids!

Here is an interesting piece on animal rescue in Lebanon. In wartime there are always animal victims. Check out these additional sites about BETA and the ethical treatment of animals in Beirut.

Also the Ahava animal rescue in Israel is assisting.

Lassie is on tour
before her next movie comes out September 1st.

If you love animals be sure to take this photographic safari online.

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