Petourri of Topics

I thought you might like to see what the best pet vacuums are as rated by Consumer Reports.

Here is another statement that supports my “leave the wildlife alone” chant. This position statement has to do with swimming with the dolphins.

I forgot to share this article about college dorms that allow pets.

This hypoallegic cat hype article is older but I think another look at the situation is warranted. People always ask me about pets after they tend to have them. One of the things I have to stress is that if you want the facts, go to sources that don’t have a vested interest in your purchase of an animal. When it comes to designer pets–which have been gaining popularity–the breeder does have an interest in making the sale. There is such a problem with pet overpopulation that cloned or designer critters don’t make much sense.

Along those lines, food from cloned animals is being questioned.

In other news, as we invade more and more areas, encounters with urban wildlife become more common. Here where I live, I encourage people to keep pets inside and to use dog or cat doors with electronically actived entry and exit. A raccoon entered a home, went upstairs and scratched a child in this article. A video regarding the incident is on the site.

More and more elephant attacks are being reported. This elephant attack incident is a reminder of the real danger of such creatures.

I don’t often here of a fox attack but here was an article covering one!

Urban coyotes have long been a problem. This coyote attacked local pets–easy pickings.

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