Petiquette For Beastly Guests

In some cases it is appropriate to take your pet along on your holiday trip. Most cats and birds will prefer to stay home but mine liked to travel and often accompanied me on trips along with my dog.

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Of course your pets must be well-behaved and respond to basic obedience commands so that they remain calm in all circumstances. You do not want your pet stealing, tormenting other animals, jumping on people or furnature, or knocking down residents or other visitors during your visit.

If you are not close to the host–it is best to leave pets at home especially if the host does not invite your pet. The other option available to you is to stay close by in a pet friendly hotels.

If you are invited to bring your pet be sure to discuss the rules of the household and what would make the visit comfortable for everyone involved–including resident pets who might not enjoy being bullied or chased by a visiting animal.

Some of the things to discuss include where the pets will sleep and where they can relieve

Resident pets will be more at ease if you introduce dogs on neutral territory before heading back the their home. So, arrange a play date at a local park or head out for a walk when you first arrive to burn off energy and to create a positive association.

Two days before you leave get your pet bathed professionally to reduce dander and to loosen any fur so shedding will be reduced when you arrive.

When packing, in addition to your pet’s normal supplies be sure to include an odor eliminator and stain remover in case of an accident.

Don’t forget to pack a towel and sheet in case you need to towel off your pet and the sheet can be used as a furniture cover or to help reduce the build up of fur in the area where your pet sleeps.

Finally, be sure to monitor your pets especially for the first day or two and be prepared to replace or repair anything that might be destroyed by your pet.

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