Pet Topics of Interest This Week

I enjoyed reading the comments about pets in public and though you would to.

The last quote brings to mind a recent comment I made to my man while we dined at a really pricey restaurant at about 8:30pm. Someone’s infant began crying and screaming. Personally I believe an infant should be home snuggled in bed early in the evening and not out in public ruining a quiet romantic meal for others. Our discussion also included pondering over who in the right mind takes young infants and children to violent and loud movies. Discernment, common sense, and common courtesy seem to be disappearing…but that is for my other blog.

On the pet rescue scene Lousiana is gearing up efforts for animal disaster rescue and preparedness.

From around the world here is another article on abandoned animals in Japan.

On the wild animal feeding front, San Luis Obispo news reported on a move toward “education rather than enforcement”.

On a lighter note, a new sun screen for dogs is out.

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