Pet Food Recall: Numbers Climbing

The Pet Connection has posted some numbers from their survey and a useful article on renal failure in pets.

My background in wild animal training and management taught me early on to look for subtle symptoms because wild animals won’t exhibit illness or sickeness as it is not conducive to survival and makes them more vulnerable to predators. Pets often change habits or exhibit low level symptoms that owners don’t notice and I’ve often spotted illness or problems while on behavior consultations.

In my lost post I mentioned the importance of low level symptoms–these include change in water intake or loss of appetite, listlessness, third eye visibility (membrane under the eye), behavior changes, and fecal or urinary change in frequency or consistency.

If you have fed any of the lot numbers listed in the recall check in with your veterinarian immediately. If you see behavior changes and are concerned–a visit the vet is peace of mind and can be a good measure for health and safety.

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