Over the Edge, errr Hedge

You might have heard about this new movie. Animation seems to be taking over. There are a large number of animal actors but regulations make it tough to film and exotic animal facilities often have the yo-yo income from trends in the industy. However, they still have to feed their critters.

Service dogs are amazing animals. Check out this article about a seizure dog. I think I created a link to the “Emotional Support Dog” trend people are jumping onto. Many establishments are now checking crendentials and laws because people attempt to sneak pets into areas they aren’t supposed to be in.

Specialty breeds don’t always make good pets. They are labor intensive but if you live near the woods you might want to check out this bear breed.

June is also Adopt A CAt Month. Free kittens are not always the best deal since you don’t usually know their background. Testing for feline leukemia, parasites, and spay/neuter charges add a hefty amount to a “free” animal. I consider those who sell or give animals away at shopping malls or parking lots suspect. But that is for another rant…you can check out one shelter story here regarding euthanasia.

Art fans might find this auction interesting…things are really going to the dogs.

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