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Some of you know me because of my past work with animal disaster rescue and preparedness. So it was not a surprise this morning when I came across this article related to pets alerting their owners to an impending tornado. Animals have been warning people about disasters since 373BC but unless it is “proven” by the scientific method most people dismiss the notion. Even so, anecdotal evidence arises over and over again.

In other animal news I enjoyed the photos and story about the Cats & Culture Tour that visits Venice–to look at cats and other notable sites. Ciaos & Meows–from Italy where they don’t destroy healthy feral dogs or cats.

Once again, another wolf dog hybrid story is in the news. Most of you know my feelings about wolf dogs–they are not good pets. Read more about the wolf dog controversy here.

Blood banks for pets are not anything new but here is an article about a new national blood bank chain in the UK.

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