Musings on Drug Therapy for Pets

I don’t know if you caught this video yet–but it is funny because it is making fun of hyperactive dogs–and in case you miss it, this is a spoof.

Back in the mid-1990s drug therapy for animals was beginning to gain ground. Now I am a bit old school as I think you need to get to the root of an issue and implement changes to the environment, diet, activity levels, and mental occupation prior to administering psycho-pharmacology and in my practice this has been successful.

I tend to use a holistic approach first and was heavily involved in a progressive animal wellness clinic in the mid to late 1990s (we had a natural nutritionist, holistic veterinarian, a Feldenkrais animal specialist, animal psychics, an active cryobank for pets, plus my practice, and we were also collecting cells for future cloning) but just up the road my colleague, Dr Larry Lachman was very active in the newly breaking area of drug use for behavior modification.

He was fortunate to work in conjunction with veterinarians who were versed in dosages and open to working closely with another professional to save the lives of dogs otherwise doomed to euthanasia.

So, when he landed in the hospital and asked me to run his practice while he recovered, well I had no choice but to jump in with both feet.

Yikes! All I can say is that he had the nastiest cases I have seen in domestic critters. Bad bites such as a dog that tore the ear off of a three-year-old child, and other dog aggression issues–because that was his specialty.

After that stint I was really thankful for my practice. We all have our areas of unique specialties and appeal to different demographics. So, it is a great thing to have choices.

Dr Larry recently returned to southern California and is back on the animal scene after focusing heavily on humans. I am not sure how he is going to balance the two but he is very energetic…and working on several new books. Here are a few of his others:

I still have the same pragmatic approach I always have but always explore new approaches. I have seen drug therapy do wonders for those animals who need it. Unfortunately I’ve had a few of the local vets refuse to take a progressive approach–which frustrates me–because it prevents forward movement for this community…and it is a disservice to my clients who really need it.

This area is an odd mix of old fashioned folk medicine and rural attitudes toward animals (ie., practices from 20-30 years ago) to innovative progressive attitudes toward natural diets, homeopathy, and energy work.

Unfortunately, I don’t see this area making big changes anytime soon and many of those specialty needs get sent to specialists down the hill.

Anyway, the video made me chuckle. I’ve had a full day and it was a nice shift.

By the way, I also got a new list of new products being released by the Millan empire.

Will wonders never cease?

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