More on Wolf Attack and Steve Irwin Commentary Raises Hostility

Okay, the wolf that attacked six people was not found to be rabid but it was injured.

Here are some more notable quotes from Irwin.

Who will be the next big celebrity for Animal Planet? This article brings up the issue along with some news about what tributes are planned. Although I know this is reality for the business, I didn’t expect to see it so soon.

This article regarding Steve Irwin by Germaine Greer has really pissed people off.

It will be interesting to see how long the media will remain on the Steve Irwin death. I know a ton of people who are crushed, mainly children. Some have said it was like losing your big goofy brother or a friend that always took stupid dares.

One person expressed that she was shocked because the way he died could have happened to anyone. At any rate, nobody seems to be neutral on the topic.

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