May This Valentines Day Be the Cat’s Meow!

Last year I wished you a Dog Gone Happy Valentines Day so this year I thought I would say that I hope your Valentines Day is the cat’s meow!

Yah, yah…cheesy, I know.

I couldn’t help it since I am locked inside due to the heavy snowfall outside.

In the past, I’ve written about Valentines Day Pet Safety Tips and how Valentines Day Good for the Heart so I thought I’d get into something fun this year.

Folklore credits the first valentine to an imprisoned Saint Valentine in third century Rome.

He sent the first “valentine” to his beloved by signing it “From your Valentine.”

Today the tradition continues but it is really going to the dogs…and cats.

I read a survey that survey revealed that most pet owners would pick a pet over a person.

This news might be startling to some but is indicative of changes in American households where a majority have pets.

This means that if you want to get into the heart of your sweetie this Valentine’s Day don’t forget to include something for the pet.

Now if you are thinking of gifts now–you are a little too late but there is a wide assortment of gifts to select from for next year.

For the pets you can get everything from a crunch cards (pet card with a treat) or reflective heart pet ID tag to high end crystal embedded collars, and if you want to share a quiet human only romantic interlude…consider sending the pet out for a s-paw day.

While I am thinking about it, take my quiz then continue reading to find the answer.

Now before I reveal the answers…I have to say that It was pretty funny to see how people are celebrating the day.

For instance in Battle Creek, Michigan you can surprise your special someone with a unique, exciting and educational experience at Binder Park Zoo.

Couples are taking a Zoorotica tour where you can learn about the love lives of the scaly and slimy, the furry and fanged, and the feathered and flighted.

If you miss that one, don’t miss A Tiger in the Bedroom: Lessons from Mother Nature’s Sex Shop.

Those who want to go ape can become a chimp guardian–and you can probably just print out the announcement to attach it to a nice card with some other tidbits…chocolate, champagne, certificate for a massage.

Now the guardian option is one of the best green gifts I’ve heard of–most of the “green gift ideas” have been cr** but this green Valentines Day gift list was at least interesting.

Before you go, get a glimpse into the scary creature countdown of the Top Ten Animal Lovers.

Finally, Happy Valentines Day…and now the answers to the poll:

Five or more checks in the questions starting with a capitalized word means that you are into puppy love…Five or more checks in the second space following the “or” means that you are into pussycat passion!

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