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I am sure you have seen a multitude of reports on the death of Steve Irwin. I know many of you are shocked and sad over the loss. Here was a report I intended to post but somehow didn’t.
Tributes and interviews regarding the death of Steve Irwin

This guy shared an interesting commentary on the media animal “encounterers” (a term he credits to Steve Irwin).

For those not involved in the zoo or oceanarium industry, you might find it interesting that the barbs of captive stingrays are regularly trimmed in petting pools.

In other news there have been reports of animal attacks. One Indiana man died when his reticulated python squeezed him to death.

In Canada, an alleged wolf attack occurred on multiple people. This is highly unusual as wolves don’t normally conduct such antics on groups. No reports yet as to whether the wolf that attacked was habituated, a hybrid, or rabid.

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