Is responsible ownership a problem?

Anyone can get a pet and I don’t always think that is a good idea. Take this story about an animal dying from complications related to maggots eating it’s flesh. Uhh, let me clarify here anyone who has a dog left unattended outside for hours on end and doesn’t notice wounds, irritations from flea infestations or fecal matter/urine stuck to the animal (usually with matted fur) should not be allowed to have an animal. Pet parenting is a responsibility and not a right.

So would you report a neighbor for pet cruelty? Read about the horrible conditions under which these animals were kept.

On the other side of the spectrum are therapies and courses for better care and progressive techniques for pets. Massage and first aid are just two new services for pets.

Pets can transmit disease and sometimes parasites–however if you practice prevention through regular check ups and good flea control these risks are minimal. This article touches on the subject of pet parasites. This new addition talks about canine leptosporosis.

I was also happy to see this camp dedicated to teaching responsible pet ownership. I am pondering offering the same thing in my area. We shall see since it will take a lot of work and coordiation.

Taking photos with animals is an industry in itself but this guy must have been really thick to allow photos of an marsupial next to a predator. The fact that the tiger could even reach out and grab anyone is testimony that they were too close.

This article seems to be dark ages circus material between the behavior of some locals and incidents mentioned. Wouldn’t you think professionals would have a guard present to protect both animals and humans?

State side there is mixed opinions on the Ringling Brothers new circus performance. I believe it is a symptom of just how removed we are from animals and how we still crave the close encounters.

Finally, this sad story was reported this week. What is your opinion? Accidents do happen but where do you draw the line on responsible pet ownership? The fact that one animal attacked another and killed it makes you wonder if it could happen again.

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