Humane Issues in the News

Although this article may disturb you a bit, the local option is a good one and better than some of the commercial slaughterhouses. The community gets local food and supports their local ranchers, farmers and butcher. Today most everything is so franchised that the small mom and pop or quality outlets are difficult to find. Anyway, read about how this small slaughterhouse/butcher works and get connected to the real story.

I regularly see splashes about animal abandonment by owners from Canada but this is one of the first I come across lately for the USA. Don’t get the wrong idea that it is not a problem here, it is. Read about the overflooded shelter problem.

For those unfortunate victims of disaster who lost or were forced to give up their pets, Katrina pet ownership disputes have arisen.

The ongoing battle over defining “pet guardians” from “pet owners” remains a signficant in the legal department since ownership allows the Katrina pet victim parents to get them back via the courts since the property return time limitation period is defined. Keep your eye on this issue as I suspect it will keep rearing its head in different ways.

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