Humane & Sane Holiday Giving

Above: I discovered this video thanks to Terrierman

Today I thought I would share some links with you from other bloggers who are encouraging more humane and sane giving this holiday season.

The video above shows someone abandoning a child. Most people would get pretty upset about such actions but the point is that many animals are dumped when they become inconvenient.

For some reason they think it is okay to just get rid of a pet by dumping them off in the forest (a big problem where I live), desert, on the side of the road, or dropping them off to a shelter or animal services facility.

Many animal bloggers discourage giving pets as gifts. In fact, this holiday season I was more interested in promoting those things that are not commercially driven which you can find in my Season of Giving series.

In case you missed it, I wrote about alternative suggestions to giving pets as gifts here.

So, what are other bloggers doing?

So the message here is Don’t Shop–Adopt! Or at least find alternative ways to give that make a positive difference in the lives of animals.

Do you have another blogger whose post fits in? Let me know and leave the link below.

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