Horsin’ Around?

So, here I am still plugging code and moving through fixing the site and getting ready to change the format…so this post is purely “work avoidance behavior.”

I have a young pal named Betsy who is an avid horse lover. These days I think of her often as I watch her evolve into a sophisticated and responsible animal lover (under the guidance of her mother–who is doing a fine job by the way–IMHO).

Personally, I don’t work around livestock due to allergies to dust and hay molds and my early days of training equine are now replaced by the occasional problem solving consultation.

I never experienced the horse craze because I had a wolf, peregrine falcon, and tiger craze instead–so I enjoy seeing how Betsy’s passion manifests. With her in mind, here are a couple of sites I subscribe to and think are great for young girls:

The Girl’s Horse Club actively involves bloggers around the ages of 11 and 12. These young bloggers write about their horses, review books and games, write articles related to their passion, and more.

Over at the Pony Tail Club, Madison writes about her horse, Moon and other adventures related to her horsing around and goals for the future.

Now for the older crowd, Betsy’s mom said one of her favorite blogs was Fugly Horse of the Day–which you have to experience for yourself.

This blogger takes those awful horse classifieds and gives you her passionate viewpoint on them and other topics. I just started reading it upon recommendation…

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