Go pet the kitty–bad idea with a good outcome (lion attack video)

People tend to be naive when it comes to animal etiquette and this lion cub attack video shows how a dad encourages his young son to stroke a lion cub. Bad idea.

Wild animals are hardwired to react. I am not going to get into the analysis here but kids and animals are not always a good combination.

Did you know that millions of kids get bit every year by DOMESTIC pets?

Anyway, lion cubs signal trade in wildlife–harmful to the species–so it is a bad idea to go into pet them or take photos with the cute little buggers. Most live tragic lives–if they survive. Many also get drugged so they cooperate. All you are doing is encouraging trade when you support the people who have the critters.

Don’t be fooled by the sweet faces of the cubs either–they have really sharp claws and teeth.

On the etiquette note, I’m known on the West Coast as Ms. Petiquette (Commedian Andrew Kindler dubbed me the “Miss Manners of the Animal Kingdom” some time back but trademark laws prevent me from going there…anyway, on the East Coast is Charlotte Reed (aka Miss Fido Manners) whose book on dog etiquette was just released. Here is a snap of us in New York at the Book Expo America.

Here is my review and a link so you can buy the book (and mine if you haven’t yet–Charlotte gave Blessing of the Animals a nice plug, too):

If your life includes a furry friend then the Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette is a book you’ll want to add this to your collection–especially in today’s complex world of inter-species soirées.

In my opinion, mannered mutts rule while the others simply drool.

So, if you hate when dogs jump on people only to hear, “Oh! it’s okay”–when you know it isn’t–you’ll find this book a great reference tool.

In addition, to short tips and snippets of information, you’ll find product recommendations and useful website links.

Some of the topics you will find are home and office manners, proper child and neighbor relations, street smarts, restaurant rules, parties and gifts, pet professional protocols, and more.

Make sure you raise a sophisti-pet by using some of the newest tips and hints in books such as this one…and if you have someone who has a delinquent dog…it makes the perfect gift!

Review Copyright 2007 by Diana L Guerrero (Author of Blessing of the Animals (ISBN 1402729677) & What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality (ISBN 1893361845)

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