Fish Training Star at the Bubble Blog

One of my favorite things to do is to watch animals learn and see (or read) about people’s training processes.

I don’t often have time to get out and visit blogs on a daily basis so I read most of my content through an RSS reader.

However, one of the favorite treats is to hop on over to the Bubble Blog to see how the fishing training is proceeding.

In the video above you can see Pele learning how to target.

She is a recent addition and new to training. Trainers call this a naive animal.

But of the group, my favorite fish training students is Clem. I enjoy watching him because he is one of those animals that offers variations on the theme.

In other words, he gets creative ad explores to see what will get reinforced.

On a side note, people are discovering they can train any type of animal and I was amused yesterday when a cat training article hit the AP wire.

Go figure, animal trainers in the movie and television industry and from the circus background have done cat training for eons.

Funny that I just finished a series of posts on a cat training client right before that article appeared.

I guess I forget that most people don’t believe that you can train any animal. At least I want to believe it is just naivety that prevents people from training their pets instead of laziness.

If I think back to an animal training conference in the 1980s (in Hawaii), I remember how pleased all the marine animal trainers were with the fish and octopus training presented from Japan.

Until then, not many had given any thought to, or bothered training, fish or invertebrates.

Just think we could have cornered the market!

Anyway, I enjoy the Bubble Blog’s set decorations and watching the videos as the fish and the trainer progress.

Hopefully the Bubble Blog will inspire other fish enthusiasts to give it a try.

You can grab your own Fish School here.

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