Fetch A Wave & Surf Dog Surf-A-Thon in September…Twiggy

Above: Saint the Golden Retriever surfing up near San Luis Obispo & Morro Bay. Photo courtesy of Mike Baird.

I’ve been busy and you might have already read the surfing dog story about Saint, a Golden Retriever and his owner Kathleen Yeung but it is so fun that I had to include it. You can see Saint’s fine surfing form (downward dog) on a wave at Morro Bay in the article, Fetch a Wave and if your dog surfs–you can enter the Second Annual Surf Dog competition on September 9, 2007.

Saint doesn’t always look to comfy on the board but I’ve seen a few animals who surf. When I surfed back in the mid-70s my dog hated trying to go out in the water and preferred to run and follow me on shore. I liked this snap of Saint romping out into the water.

Above: Photo by Mike Baird

Saint was dog napped and so now Kat has shaved his name into his coat. I’d suggest she tattoo and microchip him as well. The duo look really happy in the photo–also by Mike Baird.

Be sure to watchSaint the surf dog in action video here. Take a minute and visitMike Baird’s websitehe has links to a lot more photos…and a big TY to him for the snaps.

You can check out more snaps of Saint thesurf dog photos by Gary Robertshaw and read more about Kat and Saint at Surf Morro Bay.

Don’t think Saint is the first pup to get media coverage. Further south you can find Buddy the surf dog in Ventura and Santa Barbara. Buddy is a Jack Russell Terrier and has been featured in a lot of media.

Above: Photo courtesy of Bruce Hook

People are getting really excited over this but back in the late 1970s it was the water skiing squirrel that got all the attention. Over on the East Coast the legacy of Twiggy has continued as she (and her same names successors) tours! View Twiggy the water skiing squirrel’s video here.

Which brings me to the water and boating safety issue. Notice that all of these animals are wearing personal flotation devices. If you plan to take your animals out on a boat, into the lake or ocean–they should be wearing safety gear.

Yes, you can teach animals just about anything it just takes diligence and a plan. These people are having a blast with their pets and you could to…just take some time to do it.

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