Equine Equipment Essentials

Equine Equipment

If you keep horses, or if you are planning to get an equine friend, then there is some equipment that you absolutely must have. We want to share our view on what are the equine essentials from stables all the way through to riding helmets and clothing.

External Stables
External stables are the traditional way to keep horses and there are various designs available these days to cater for people with just one horse, or several. If you want to keep horses on your property then an external stable is something that you should really consider investing in for both safety and convenience.

Mobile Field Shelter
Mobile field shelters are also incredibly useful because they can be transported one location to another when the need arises. This might be necessary if the weather forecast indicates that your horse will need more shelter and warmth. Mobile field shelters can be placed in spots where horses can get exercise, rest and eat in close proximity.

Internal Stables
Internal stables are indispensable during the winter. As with external stables, they can be designed for small or large groups animals. The nice thing about these modern stables is that they cater for your horses’ comfort and safety. For instance, textured floors prevent slipping. Plus, they are made with quality materials that will stand the test of time and keep your horses secure without allowing them to hurt themselves.

Riding Gear
Horse riding safety means selecting the right clothing and protective wear. Essentials include a good helmet, riding clothing, strong boots and a riding crop. Your helmet should meet established safety regulations and your boots should be comfortable and tough. Clothes will depend on what style of riding your are doing and whether you are simply riding with friends on a trail, near home, or in competitions. Selecting the right riding attire tend to be industry specific so, if you are not sure, ask for help when you shop.

Saddles and Tack
A good quality saddle is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy. Purchase one made from good leather and get help choosing the right size, and keep in mind that different makes exist such as for juniors or adults. A range of synthetic and leather tack solutions are on the market but plan on investing in good quality. That decision will ensure that it will last, that your horse remains comfortable, and that you will get the most comfort and enjoyment from riding.

Guest Author Bio: Article written by Murray LeClair a consultant for Vale Stables.

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