Endangered Species Act: Comment Now!

The Bush administration proposed a regulatory overhaul of the Endangered Species Act in August which would allow federal agencies to decide whether protected species would be imperiled by agency projects.

The problem is that the changes would eliminate the independent scientific reviews that have been required for more than three decades.

Yikes! This is a bad, bad move.

Bird Chick says it well:

“…so if the highway is going through and endangered nesting ground, the highway department can decide for themselves whether or not to keep going with the project.We need to stop shaking our heads and asking, ‘How much more damage can he do?’ and act to keep this damage from happening.”

Personally, I think he is going to do as much damage as he can until he leaves office…why stop now?

This administration has been very bad for the environment.

Read more about the concerns over changes to the Endangered Species Act at the Washington Post.

Comments are now being accepted only until October 14th. The Department of the Interior is not accepting email submissions but the Sierra Club is compiling submissions and will hand them over so you can comment on the Endangered Species Act change NOW at the Sierra Club website.

Please take a moment and leave your personal concerns there today.

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