Email from Botswana & More

This morning I received an email from Botswana. I am not much for artwork but do have an elephant painting done by Carol, the Asian Elephant (and former pal) of San Diego Zoo & Tonight Show fame hanging on my wall. She picked the colors and signed the one of a kind work with her trunk tip. If you are interested in elephant art you can buy some directly from Botswana through a New York establishment. Here is one shot of a work by Jabu, an African elephant:

In other news across the pond elephant movement and biomechanics are being studied using high tech equipment.

Remember the wild animal sanctuary in Colorado that I mentioned a few days ago? The plight is hitting the papers now. You can get the latest scoop from the Wild Animal Sanctuary website. Unfortunately, EVERY private wildlife rescue agency and facility I know has the same financial problems. Even animal acting facilities struggle to support their animals since rate shopping makes it competetive and difficult to survive unless you are creative or have a good team of fundraisers or benefactors.

On that note, Arizona is one of 15 or so states that ban some primates as pets. I’ll say it again, wild animals do not make good pets. The reason so many animals end up abandoned or in sanctuaries is due to irresponsible trade and people ignoring the facts thinking that they will be the exception to the rule.

I met Patti Regan when she was first starting her Center for Great Apes but if you do a search on primate sanctuaries you will find a bunch. Not all sanctuaries are great and organizations have formed to try and regulate them. The number that pop up in the search shows you just how severe the problem is.

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