Ella the Rottweiler Update

Above: Kathy Wilkes Myers & Ella (Kelley family rottweiler) at the Love Me Tender animal rescue sanctuary.

I just got a nice note from Kathy Wilkes Myers (Love Me Tender animal rescue) about Ella the Kelley family’s rottweiler.

Thank you for picking up the story about Ella, The Rottie’s Rescue. Just to update you – Ella is still at Love Me Tender and spends several hours a day in group play with our other rescued dogs.

For more updates and info on our other rescued animals check back in at Love Me Tender website.”

Thanks for the update Kathy on this heart warming story.

We all hope that the Kelley’s are able to be reunited with their pet and thank you for your generosity of spirit and kindeness.

There are so many sad stories in the animal rescue world–and this is a ray of sunshine in the midst of those.

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