Earth Day: Every Day Living Tips

So today people are celebrating Earth Day but today more than ever it is increasingly important to not just celebrate and care for our planet on this day–but every day.

The annual Earth Day celebration began as a grassroots demonstration on behalf of the environment in the spring of 1970 but efforts were actually in the works from about 1962.

Now, 39 years later, Earth Day is a national focus, people and communities across the nation conduct events geared toward teaching others how to help conserve and protect our planet.

Earth Day encourages people to be participants in conserving the environment and the animals in it.

But we need to make Earth Day and every day event through our actions.

We face bigger challenges today because people are disconnected from the natural world and their part in the web of life.

Helping people to reconnect in simple but effective ways can have a global impact.

I wrote a few tips about how pet owners can go green , going green with cat litter, and featured a guest post about eco-friendly pet beds with similar topics sharing other ideas planned for the future but what can you do now?

Try taking these steps on a weekly basis:

1. Carry a trash bag when you travel and take home your waste.
2. Pick up any litter you see around you on walks and in your neighborhood.
3. Clean up after your pet on walks and trips.
4. Take public transportation, commute with a coworker, or ride a bike once a week.
5. Recycle your waste so you reduce trash buildup.
6. Reduce your use of throw away products.
7. Use old fashioned and less toxic cleaning solutions.
8. Plant native plant species in your garden.
9. Use electronic technology options to cut down or eliminate paper billing statements.
10. Take action to reduce junk mail.

Check out the following resources for further information:

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Do you have any resources or tips to add? If so, please comment below.

Don Simon: Environmental Artist

Photo Left: River 3 Copyright by Don Simon

If you happen to venture down to Los Angeles this weekend for the Blessing of the Animals at Olvera Street be sure to stop by the Timothy Yarger Fine Art Gallery to view the art work of Don Simon who is a unique environmental artist.

His work is considered to be NATURE 2.O–the recognition and celebration of new era in art, environmental awareness, and community action.

This exhibition is also a unique collaboration between artist, community leaders, environmental activists, and the fine art community of Los Angeles since the proceeds from the exhibition will benefit Million Trees LA, a project of Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

This Beverly Hills exhibition is the latest evolution in Don Simon’s Unnaturalism Series and will be on display until April 24, 2009 (my birthday!).

Don Simon uses colored pencils and a surrealistic style to speak about the conflict between nature and industry to illustrate the concept that mankind has been less than kind to their cohabitants on the planet.

Humans build, produce and consume with little or no regard to the impact it has on the environment. It is the nature of nature to adapt and evolve in order to survive, and we are forcing other species to deal with compromised, damaged or destroyed ecosystems.”

Accomplishments include:

  • Receipt of the prestigious New Jersey State Council on the Arts Fellowship in 2008.
  • A Full Artist Fellowship from the Vermont Studio Center in 2008.

Don’s work has appeared in solo and group shows and in galleries and museums across the country and Europe and some of his previous venues include:

  • Verge – The Bridge Art Fair Berlin, Germany.
  • Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.
  • L.A. Art Show
  • Windham Fine Arts, Windham, NY.

In addition, his work has twice been selected for publication in New American Paintings and he has been published as an Emerging Artist of 2006 in Direct Art magazine, and in the ArtPeriscope Calendar.

Don Simon’s work is also curated and published for European distribution out of Czestochowa, Poland.

If you are an art buff don’t miss this show.