Fence Aggression Alternative Training (Video)

This video shows an alternative method to dealing with fence aggression in a lower stimulus situation (no visual stimulation). Most chains are accidentally formed by the owner and this video shows how to transition into better behavior.

Nicely done video and good illustration of an alternative to force and drama.

Animal Behavior Modification: Thunderstorm (Video)

People wonder what the difference is between animal training and animal behavior modification.

There is BIG difference when you get into the nuances of the training and this short video clip gives you a glimpse into some of what is involved.

However, working 30 minute sessions is not something I recommend. Short, frequent sessions get the best results.

I also do video assessments and they enable me to make sure progress is being made and to assess the skill levels of the owners.

I’ve written on thunderstorm phobia before in a pet noise phobia series.