Doggie School Drop Outs

Above: One of my other students stressing out. I dropped by to say hello and he was crazy! He knows to do a down if not sure how to behave but the lip licking, eyes, and ears show he is stressed. He wasn’t being worked…

Yikes, yesterday was bad and I would say the dogs at boot camp acted like doggie school drop-outs. It could have something to do with the fire, smoke, and wind since all the animals were acting up and many humans were irritable.

The gals were so bad that I left after an hour. They didn’t even make it out for playtime.

These are the types of days I hate. The dogs acted like they never had any training–other than crating. Thank God for small favors.

Rather than fight a losing battle and spend another couple of hours just attempting to get the right behavior on the gates–I stopped.

They both crated fine and then sat before being fed, but that was it. The rest was jumping, zany, obnoxious behavior.

I’ll spare you the details but I did get one dog removed to the pen and spent the rest of the time going back and forth between the play pen and the camp quarters attempting to get compliance. But each time they failed to maintain behavior at the gate–the window of opportunity closed and I went back to try the other…unsuccessfully.

Good thing the videographer asked me to wait until next week!

Sometimes you have to know when to quit. The last time this happened was early in their training–maybe the second or third day? Honestly, they acted like they never set foot in camp.

Hopefully today will be better…

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