Dog afraid of fireworks?

dog fireworks

Dog afraid of fireworks? I just wrote a post to help a dog scared of fireworks and I’ve written about it before. So you may want to check out some of my former posts or press release information such as:

This pet dog behavior problem is actually a noise phobia that also presents as fear of other noises such as thunder fear or gunshots.

However, several times each year it is a hot topic–and so I thought I would share some link love.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not the only animals that are fearful of fireworks.

Horses and cats also can have problems but they don’t get the attention that the canine clan does.

Online pal and colleague Amy Shojai has also presented some great tips so check out her informative info:

Horse Fireworks Fear

It is hard to drum up good information on horse fireworks fear but here are a few articles you may find useful:

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