Disney is Pet Friendly

Disney is pet friendly

Not too long ago Walt Disney World opened their pet resort and what I want to point out is that Disney tends to be a leader in reaching out to its patrons.

Other businesses should take note and this might be a great story series.

On the West Coast, Disneyland is managing a feral cat colony in the theme park.

I bring this up because I’ve always considered Disney to be a bit progressive when it comes to business and watched them closely as they prepared to open the Animal Kingdom.

Now it seems that they are finding animals to be a trend that warrants some serious attention.

You see, opening a pet resort and humanely managing a feral cat colony is pretty progressive.

It is also indicative of a larger shift that has been happening in the United States for a while.

In fact, now the pendulum has been swinging from side-to-side for some time.

Some people still manage working animals and do not consider those animals as furry family members.

Others support the metro pet trend with furry kids that seem to resemble human children in the way they are pampered and primped.

The pet service industry is growing by leaps and bounds with a variety of new pet services springing up.

Competition for the dollars of the pet parents is growing rapidly.

During the recent economic down turn, it was the pet industry that continued to show growth despites cutbacks and drops in sales in other businesses.

So, what this shows me is that we are becoming an increasingly pet friendly nation.

Along with that we should also become a bit more pet savvy.

By that I mean learn the ways to make your pet happier, healthier and better behaved.

Of course, that is why I am working on the pet parenting school–which is a pet retention program and so much more.

I am wondering what you think of the changes happening in the pet world and if you are keeping on top of them. I certainly am, so please subscribe via RSS and you can get my updates over in my media feed on Twitter.

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