Delinquent Dogs & Misbehaving Mutts Come!

canine casting call for delinquent dogs and misbehaving mutts

Do you have a delinquent dog or puppy whose behavior is a pain? If so, it is time for animal school–and there is a special opportunity for pet parents that will help you morph your precious pet into a mannered mutt!

Those of you on my email list already know about this but here is the press release for the rest of you!

Consider this your personal canine casting call. Pet dog and puppy owners around the area will get the chance to work with veteran animal behaviorist & trainer, Diana L Guerrero of Ark Animals. Some pet parents will also have the opportunity to be highlighted in a new series that will help other animal owners, too.

Selected participants will work closely with Guerrero during program development of the Pet Parenting School, a series of educational modules designed to provide continuing education to animal owners online. The program will provide a variety of multimedia options to assist pet owners across the United States.

Guerrero has trained hundreds of pets throughout the mountain area and is no stranger to the Big Bear Valley, San Bernardino county or Riverside. She first began offering animal training here back in the late 1980s when she developed and ran animal training programs for Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead and Crestline.

At that time, Ark Animals partnered with other animal businesses and the local park district until she left the valley to train animals for a world famous zoo.

You may have worked with her before or caught a glimpse of the “Ark Lady” giving expert comments on Animal Planet or the Discovery Channel. Although her work has taken her around the world, the lure of the southern California mountains drew her back to the Big Bear valley where she resides full time.

What you might not know is that the Ark Lady holds a degree in animal training & management, along with numerous other related certifications, and is the author of several books. She began her career with marine mammals, then worked with wild and exotic animals until she relocated to Big Bear to work with pets.

For more information on how you can participate in the Pet Parenting School project, or to enroll in pet dog training, please call Guerrero at Ark Animals (909) 547-4ARK (4275) or email AnimalSchool at ArkAnimals dot Com. You can use the link at the top of this page and click through to the application.

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