Celebrate Veteran Animals Too

Over the years I have written about the animal that have served during war time and those that animals who are helpful to our veterans.

The stories include those about Vet Dogs and the war zone dogs, horses, and mules.

Recently I found another story about animals that have been helping service men and women in the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan that I thought you would be interested in.

Dogs have acute sense of smell that can detect explosive materials and can sense danger to warn those around them.

The story I came across was about Thomas Kennedy who serves in Iraq as a civilian police adviser.

One day the strange actions of the stray dogs in his complex caught his attention. They began barking and running out of the complex where he was staying.

In response, he armed himself and set out to investigate. Just moments later explosives were detonated in a garbage truck parked nearby. The blast tore off the front of one building and left a 30 foot crater in the complex.

Thomas Kennedy survived and is now working in Afghanistan.

Military dogs today get medical care and actually hold a rank but there is no care for the strays that have become unofficial guards for military and civilian personnel.

Kennedy’s brother is seeking donations for veterinary medical supplies and anti-parasite products for those animals who are saving the forces overseas.

If you would like to donate, you can read more here or get information of how to support this project by calling the Tuckahoe Animal Hospital at (914) 395-1500 or Michael Kennedy at (914) 262-2120.

Bahgdad Pups helped to bring Rachet to the United States. The dog was rescued by a military service woman and since the military will not bring these types of dogs home the organization does.

If you are interested in some DVDs about the War Dogs I found a couple:

War Dogs (1942) DVD and Chips the War Dog

If you are interested in military handlers and military dogs you can find a few sites that will help you to learn more.

Many other animals have served in war time but I’ll save those for another post.

To help get you started, here are a few additional links related to military dogs and their handlers:

Vietnam War Dog Handlers

US War Dogs

Dogs & National Defense (Article)

Happy Veteran’s Day and thanks to those who fight for our freedom.

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