Canned Hunts, Pitbulls and more…

Canned hunts are those situations where hunters pay a fee and then enter a private ranch to hunt and kill the species of their choice. Some zoos have been slammed for selling animals to such groups. This article discusses the hunting opportunity in Florida.

Two headed snakes and turtles will be on exhibit shortly. Like it or not, unusual animals attract crowds. White tigers, for instance, are inbred animals that don’t contribute to conservation of the species other than attracting attention through their unusual coloration. Two headed animals face complications throughout their lives and this exhibit hopes to make the Guinness Book of World Records.

Some of you know that I was at the forefront of the animal disaster preparedness effort in the early 1990’s. Prior to that I ran a column in Awareness Magazine, now written by Allen & Linda Anderson. The two have just produced a book on Hurricane Katrina animals with rescue tips. You can order it below:

In pet product news, you might find this hide-a-bed for pet guests of interest!

In Kansas it got heated when a pitbull ban was proposed. In another story, pitbulls attacked a man when he tried to lure them away from his baby. They had to be shot. In Australia pitbull owners are not revealing pets

In the UK wild dogs are creating problems. We call these types of animals feral.

Here are some good barn basics for cats.

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