Califauna: Art & Conservation in Education

The following is a guest post by my pal Chris McCormick, founder of Califauna and a passionate artist. The project is currently targeted to launch in late 2008. I hope you will support it.

There are many ways that we learn. A method used increasingly by forward thinking schools is “arts integration.” The belief is that by integrating the arts into other studies there is a better understanding of the lessons taught. To this end I have started a nonprofit called “Califauna.”

The goal of Califauna is to bring art education and eco-awareness to the students of California. By integrating art lessons with information about our wildlife I believe we can have an impact in helping people understand the need to care for our forests, deserts and beaches and all the animals that live there.

By picking an animal then discussing its habits and habitats we can educate on that animal and our effects on them, then by transitioning the lessons to some form of artwork based on that animal we can better help the student understand the need to care for and help our wildlife to survive.

Can art be integrated into animal careers? Of course it can, you can partner with local artists and develop programs of your own.

I believe we each have a responsibility to do our part, to share information to help people make better choices. Whether done through animal careers or art careers or a combination of both, if children are informed on the need to care for our native animals and what they can do to help, they will then share that information with their friends and family. Kids are always eager to share what they learn!

About the Contributor: Chris McCormick is an artist and animal lover. He runs a variety of blogs including Southern California Potters, and Califauna. He was recently interviewed as a featured artist in the Fawnskin Flyer.

About Califauna: Califauna is a nonprofit project and operates under the guidance of the Pasadena Arts Council, a 501(c)(3) Organization. Califauna seeks to integrate arts education with Eco Awareness for the youth of today in hopes that they will take with them a better understanding of the need to care for our environment, from their own backyards, to our local beaches, mountains and deserts.

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