Blessing of the Animals: Interview with Diana L Guerrero (Three Parts)

Below is the hour long Blessing of the Animals interview of Diana L Guerrero by Val Heart. Each segment is approximately 20 minutes.

Part One talks about the fascinating history and fun stories about animal blessings, about the most popular animal blessings, why blessing and celebrating animals is on the increase, the real scoop on beastly fashion trends, and how Diana L. Guerrero came to write this remarkable book!
Blessing of the Animals Part 1

Part Two the discussion continues about why blessing and celebrating animals is so important, about pet parenting, why people should have pets and when they should not, what animals can teach us, how they impact us and more.
Blessing of the Animals Part 2

Part Three discusses integrating the scientific with the intuitive, social styles, the true purpose of animal blessings, the credentials required to bless animals, plus a very special Bonus Offer for more free stuff, and ends with a beautiful Blessing of Animals prayer by Diana L. Guerrero.
Blessing of the Animals Part 3

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