Barking Mad

You might remember an early post about dog park mayhem. Chicago has proposed new dog park regulations that has local residents barking mad.

I’m not sure just how accurate this assessment is but whale strandings have long confused experts.

West Nile Virus is a threat to animals. Advantix is one option to help keep dogs protected from mosquito bites. Read this pet related article on West Nile Virus from Idaho.

You may have heard about the great bunny rescue. Best Friends animal sanctuary has been an innovator for quite some time and this article talks about the rescue and shares some information on animal hoarders.

Back on the animal disaster preparedness front I thought you’d like to know about this new bill (AB450) in California and you can send your support of this animal disaster preparedness bill online.

Hmm, canned hunting in China. If the dog issue wasn’t enough the hunting of endangered or rare species should create some more negative buzz.

Okay, if you thought you have seen everything take a gander at the video cast for this matchmaking services…dating online has really gone to the dogs! Talk about animal attraction…

Sadly, this recent study from the UK shows that people spend more time choosing a holiday than on researching and selecting a pet.

Yikes, I can’t even believe this article came out. Primates do not make good pets.

In the target=”_blank”UK ABSO’s (Anti-social behavior orders) have been increasing hitting the news. The only problem is enforcement.

Who in their right mind would own a tiger and keep it in their apartment? This tiger owner is making the news again.

I think any excuse to abandon or relinquish an animal is lame but here is an article on the topic.

Here is a local article on pet tumors that you might find interesting.
Beijing pet lovers spend oodles on their pets.

One in three canine lovers in Korea eats dog meat.

Anti-rabies killing spree still ongoing in China.

In other news, read about the USDA restrictions regarding the cats at the Hemingway Museum.

Another dog attack makes the news in Boston.

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