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May News & Tips

1. Tales from the Trips (Latest News)
2. Discussion for the Month
3. Monthly Roundup
4. Schedule of Upcoming Events & Appearances

1. Tales from the Trips (Latest News)
I hope you’ve been enjoying the series on killer whales. Congress just had a meeting on the issues concerning dolphins and whale shows so it will be interesting to see what comes out of it.

Locally there has been snow, snow and more snow. The mountain folk are sick of it. I am looking forward to warmer weather but the cold temperatures make me wonder if it ever is going to arrive.

The good news is that the lake level is up and the trout have been swimming up stream following the urge to spawn.

In late April I celebrated another birthday but also had a bit of a set back.

I keep thinking I am fully recovered but am periodically reminded that it is still an ongoing journey.

It has been hard keeping up with all the little things I have to do and so for those of you who have tried contacting me, please accept my apologies for the brief replies or if I have missed your notes.

If you are active on the web, I hope you will join me on my fan page over on Facebook.

This has been a great place to drop me a line and for me to share some articles and videos I find. I should have a form on the blog soon but in the meantime, join me there:


My writing pal (who was a member of the writing group I founded) Stephanie Jefferson has made the semi-finals of the Amazon.Com BreakThrough Novel contest.

You can get a free excerpt of three chapters and download the Kindle for PC for free here:


I hope you will take a minute to join me on Facebook and to read and then “vote” for Nubian Princess by posting a review on Amazon.Com.

If you have trouble accessing the link, you can reach the page by typing in “Nubian Princess” at Amazon.Com and I have a tutorial video here—just make sure pop up blocking is off:

==>>How to download Nubian Princess

Some f you have been happy with the programs and supplements from Dr Jones.

I just got a couple of emails from him saying that he has a new report out on cat health and is going to release a new cat supplement this month to help avoid urinary, liver, and other issues.

He will be doing a teleseminar on May 11, 2010 so grab his report at no charge now so you can get all the news:


Finally, for all you human or pet moms—have a great Mother’s Day!

Happy Tails to You & Yours,
Diana L Guerrero
2. Discussion for the Month
If you have not heard, the EPA finally disclosed some of what they found during their flea product scrutiny after the death and flea product side effects.

I did a post and video on this issue (which you can find below in the Article Round Up) but I thought this would be a good time to make an incredible offer.

So, you can buy the Flea Control Secrets eBook for the month of May for the next two weeks for only $5.00.

Also, if you want to extend this offer to any friends or colleagues—you can.

Support will send out the PDF to your email address—so make sure to include the one where you want it delivered.

Reviewers said it was like an encyclopedia because it has a lot of information related to flea control and safer products, how to use them plus bonuses from some companies that have released some amazing information.

Even though people think they know how to deal with fleas—it will surprise you just how much mistaken ideas are floating around about it.

You might remember that I almost died during the launch week—so it is only now that I am going to start promoting it again.

Grab it now for $5.00!

If you are not interested in taking this offer yourself, please tell a friend and if you’d like I’ve given permission for people to repost the video or the long post I did on the EPA announcement—the only rule is that it has to be done in its entirety.

A link back and credit is appreciated in exchange.

If you have any other tips and hints please just let me know via the blog comments.

One person was complaining that she could not get her fleas under control at the beach where all year humidity and warmth make it a great place for fleas—it was the rats in the house that brought them in!

Flea season is right around the corner and you don’t want to have to battle them once it starts.

After you read it, let me know if you have any other tips and hints to share or drop support your questions so I can include them in a video.
3. Article Round Up
Below are the articles I have written since the last newsletter. Just click in to visit the articles of your choice and feel free to use the “tell a friend” link at the end of each post to email your friend the article link or to bookmark your favorite posts.

Most of you have said you don’t want daily notifications about the new content on the web which is why I include the list here but my new service will send you a list twice a month now to keep you on top of things.

If you want immediate notification sign up for the RSS feed.

Directions are on the website and you won’t miss a thing!

April 2010
EPA Flea Treatment Investigation News (Video)

Captive Orcas Surrounded by Agendas

Orcas on the Hunt (Video)

Orcinus orca: Little Known Info

Killer Whale Tilikum: Beauty & the Beast

Orca Attacks White Shark (Video)

EPA Flea Study Results Available

Orcinus orca: The Animal & the Beast

Killer Whale Ice Seal Hunting (Video)

Captive Orca Survey Says

Captive Orca Incident

Hydroplaning Dolphins (Video)

Ark Animal Tracks April 2010

4. Schedule of Upcoming Events & Appearances
My calendar is now live online.

Thanks for your continued support and suggestions
Have a great month and stay tuned!
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