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Ark Animals is now offering Ark Animal Answers.

This animal blog is part of a new wave of change since I’ve been blogging for a while but I only recently moved my work to Word Press and onto the Ark Animals domain since it was hosted elsewhere as I explored how to do it.

The animal blog topics have changed over time morphing from being a general pet care and animal news blog to one that is more focused on animal behavior training, animal careers, and other topics about wild and domestic animal issues near and dear to my heart.

You’ll find pet product reviews, animal book comments, interviews with experts and a whole lot more.

You’ll begin to see an increased posting of videos and audios that will present this information in a new way–and you’ll be able to share this with your friends and, if you are a blogger, with your readers.

Although you can pop over live, I hope you’ll subscribe via the RSS feed so you get the new (and older) posts right on your computer or inside your browser so you won’t miss a thing on this armchair safari into the animal kingdom.

Watch for new additions and changes a few times a week on this animal blog and please join the conversation by leaving your comments.

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