Animal News Tidbits…

I have a ton of email to sort but am still busy touring with Blessing of the Animals–so here are a few quick links that I thought you would find interesting.

Once again someone is trying to dismiss the seriousness of an animal attack. One of the first things that I was taught was that you DON’T ever stick your arm into a cage to pet an animal.

So, never, never, never do that…no matter how great your relationship is with the critter or how long you have known it. Pets can hurt you–the mantra? Anything with claws and teeth can bite and scratch…there is a corollary for two but that is for a later rant.

My comment on the article is that bears get grumpy in a heartbeat and the signs are subtle. They are big and strong and once again the error goes back to the human.

Finally, the Pet Evacuation & Transportation Standards Act will help with animal disaster preparedness. The American Veterinary Medical Association is once again moving forward and exploring more proactive measures.

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