Animal News Round Up

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for a while is to list some of the news stories that have piqued my interest (or yours) periodically–maybe once a week if you are interested.

So, here are a few interesting articles from last month.

Over in England Puss in Boots has nothing over Pig in Boots. The little porker didn’t want to get her feet in the mud. The photos are really cute and it is an interesting story/PR piece.

On the down side, police shot and killed a dog after failing to subdue it with a taser.

Just recently there was a mountain lion attack in New Mexico. A cougar was wounded and then killed by the US Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services. It is not know whether or not the lion was the one that killed and began eating the victim.

Then there was the guy who thwarted an attack by a crocodile with a palm frond while he was out hunting boar–one of his dogs was injured but is okay.

Bear attacks have been pretty common this year–this story is the account of one woman who was picking mushrooms and who got attacked by a sow (female bear) with cubs.

Of course there were other stories…but that is all for now. Have a great weekend!

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