Animal Expert Shares 12 “Take Your Dog to Work Day” Tips

Animal expert Diana L Guerrero says that all dogs need a job but on Friday, June 22, 2007 thousands of businesses will take this advice to a new level. Take Your Dog to Work Day (TYDTWD) was first held in June of 1999 and this year thousands of businesses will participate in the pet project now under the helm of Pet Sitters International.

Diana L Guerrero said, “The last American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (AAPMA) survey revealed that about one in five American companies allowed pets in the workplace. The belief is that having pets onsite contributes to a more creative environment, helps coworkers get along better, and decreases absenteeism. This special day is to bring awareness, not just animals, into the workplace.”

Guerrero is the host of Ark Animal Answers and a former columnist to the professional magazine of Pet Sitters International (the group that hosts the event). She is also the author of the recently released, Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies Celebrating Pets & Other Creatures (ISBN 1402729677). The fun and witty book is a lifestyle guide that reveals facts about the timeless tradition of animal blessings and fascinating information about contemporary critter celebrations such as pet weddings and other parties such as bark mitzvahs, meow mixers, yappy hours, and even directs readers where to find entertaining pet pageants and other events.

The book contains one prayer that seems particularly appropriate for Take Your Dog to Work Day:

Prayer For A Peaceable Kingdom
As we gather today in celebration,
We ask for a peaceable kingdom.
May peace permeate this event so all remain safe.
Fill our hearts with joy and make this joyful day memorable for all who atte

One of the goals of Take Your Dog to Work Day is to facilitate positive interactions between employees at the workplace but another is to encourage businesses to cooperate with local animal shelters so the number of adoptions is increased.

Thousands of “pet-friendly” companies participated in 2006 and the event is also celebrated in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. This year PSI is sponsoring a photo contest called, “What is Your Dog Doing at Work?” Participants who upload photos of their canine companions “ruffing it” in the workplace are eligible to win a $500 grand prize. In addition, a $500 donation will also be made to the winner’s shelter of choice.

“There are some important rules to follow if you take an animal to work. The big one is to take responsibility for your pet and never paw it off on someone else—no matter what you position. My community is very pet friendly and our local kitty supervisors and other critter crew members wonder why they aren’t included in the event–but then they go to work every day!”

To avoid a beastly workday, Guerrero shares 12 “Take Your Dog to Work Day” animal expert tips:

Employers should
-be sensitive to allergic or fearful employees (and clients) by providing “animal free” zones or using creative scheduling
-provide guidelines to pet parents who plan to bring critters to work
-review or ask for a pet resume that highlights the good citizen traits and manners
-encourage the use of allergy reducing products on pets before they arrive on the workplace

Pet participants should be
-disease and parasite free
-neutered or not in season
-human and animal friendly

Pet parents should
-safely transport their pets to and from work using seatbelts or crates
-arrive with healthy, clean, well behaved animals
-bring leash, bowls, toys, treats, and familiar blankets or crates
-schedule breaks for energy release, snacks, and elimination

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