Animal Expert Comments: Beastly Behavior–Cougar Attack

Beastly Behavior Audio: PSA 1.01 with animal expert and author Diana L Guerrero

Audio Copy: Animal behaviorist and author, Diana Guerrero comments on Beastly Behavior

Is nature crying out for attention…is that why animals attack?

Perhaps. There are two viewpoints on this issue before I get to those let me just say that all human behavior impacts animals.

I believe the problem is that the wilderness areas left are small and people invade those areas for recreation and animals are becoming habituated to humans…some, like those in southern California have become urban dwellers.

Humans have adversely impacted the oceans, the atmosphere, and the earth.
So, on the one hand you could say that we have detached from the nature world and nature is screaming for us to listen.

On the other hand, the pragmatic answer is that as humans are spending more time in wilderness areas which are the homes and yards of wildlife. Animals become habituated, or used to humans, and as a result have lost their fear of people.

The disturbing trend is that the attacks by cougars are now young, healthy animals in their prime. In the past, attacks have usually been associated with sick or handicapped animals.

Predators naturally seek out the weak, old, or young and will chase prey that flees but humans are now looking like nothing more than tender morsels.

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