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In a recent post I discussed pet detective careers and gave you some resources for pursuing information related to the career along with a few book recommendations but I forgot to post some of the articles on working pet detectives that I thought you might find useful and interesting.

I am not endorsing any particular pet detective and have only included articles or videos I have found. If you are seeking a pet detective to help find your lost pet you can conduct a search from this site using the Google Box to your right. Use the term, pet detective, pet hunter, pet search and rescue.

As promised, here are a few articles. Feel free to add you suggestions by using the comment box below:

Kat Albrecht FAQ 

Hope McClure, Pet Detective Interview at the Founding Bin

Landa Coldiron, Pet Detective Article Links

Ellie Mae the Blood Hound Video

Millie Sharpe, Pet Detective Article

John Keane, Pet Detective Sherlock Bones


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