Animal Career Secrets: Avoiding Internet Garbage Content

Animal Career Secrets explores how to avoid internet garbage content. All content copyrighted 2007 by Diana L Guerrero. Some rights reserved.

The Internet has changed drastically since I first launched my authority site in 1995. Today you have to be careful to sort through content that is generated simply to drive you into a site. The idea is that if they get you to their site, perhaps you will purchase something or click through to generate an income at that site.

Since I need to stay on top of the many changes and trends within the animal world, I track news and key phrases. When I started my authority site back in 1995 there was not a lot of garbage. Today, I see a bunch of it all around the Internet. These are sites that promise information but give out poor advice or erroneous material.

In some cases the websites or blogs are simply set up to attract people and generate an income. These website use click throughs or encourage visitors to purchase related material–some of which is just junk. Today alone, five emails promising valuable material on the animal career topic arrived but zero contained anything useful. Out of hundreds of promising content only about two dozen seem to give me anything worthwhile in all the topics I track.

This space waster titled, Careers with Animals offered nothing useful for anyone seeking an animal career. I link it here to show you an example of how the article came to me; it used key words and lots of them. In addition, they have a variety of ads for the key words. I was disgusted that I wasted my time to click onto the page and sadly they probably do well with their ads. This is the age of internet marketing–so what can you do?

In most cases, I would recommend that you review the link before clicking into a site from a search engine. You can use a mouse rollover to view the URL from an email or search engine and over time you begin to discern what is wasteful.

One solution is a nifty download from SNAP. It can be added to your browser or used in your blogs or websites–I have it on my other sites and hope to incorporate it here too. I like that I can preview the site before clicking over into it. I can’t tell you how many times it has saved me from wasting time surfing the web.

Careers with animals is a specialty area and poor material is a waste of your time. I’m tracking a few sites now to see how they develop. You can look forward to Animal Career Secrets providing website reviews, book reviews, programs, and linking to valuable content to save you time and hopefully helping steer you into quality animal career content.

My hope is that these efforts will save you some time and direct you to resources that are useful–because there are many that are not.

Here is a great commentary from Christie over at the Pet Connection about sorting through the mess.

Diana L Guerrero is an animal career specialist and has extensive experience in many areas of the animal world. A well known animal expert, she has worked professionally with animals for over thirty years. Guerrero is the author of several books and the host of the syndicated, Ark Animal Answers.

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