Animal Attack Follow-Up

Last week I focused on animal attacks for the entire time. Well, there have been a few updates on a few of those attacks but I’ll keep this short and sweet.

First the animal attack at the Wesa-A-Geh-Ya story had more to it. Fortunately all the animals are going to be moved to another sanctuary in Kentucky. Hopefully it will be a good move for the animals.

In Colorado people are expressing more concern over the appearance of mountain lions in urban areas.

The woman who was attacked in British Columbia wants the person who hit the bear with a SUV to stop the bear attack to come forward so she can thank him. I somehow missed that part of the story–good thinking.

A boy survived a black bear attack in the Smokey mountains because his dad and brother fought it off.

As mentioned previously, black bear attacks are usually predatory and they seem to be getting more and more common.

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