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Here is where I decided to list the resources I thought would be useful for those of you seeking a career with animals. If you find something of value that is not listed here, take a moment to contact me by signing up on my list here at Animal Career Secrets. Using the affiliate or sponsor links from this site will support my work or you can donate directly (coming soon).

Animal Career Job Search Resources

Dictionary of Occupational Titles: You can search the animal career job title to see an official description of what the job might be like.

Peterson’s Online Guide to Colleges: Research colleges and graduate programs for careers with animals.

Post Graduate Training Opportunities: The Academy of Sciences for the Developing World from TWAS

Animal Career Books

Animal Schools

Diana L Guerrero can be found on other animal related sites including:

Ark Animals: This authority site was the brainstorm of Diana L Guerrero and was originally launched as a private site in 1995. Ark Animals was moved to its own server and became public in 1997. Learn about animal behavior, animal training, conservation, animal careers, find books and a wide variety of other content at

Diana L Guerrero: If you want to conduct an interview with Diana L Guerrero, find photos, credentials, media and video clips of this animal expert, visit the website for journalists, event planners, meeting coordinators, and other media at

Blessing of the Animals (ISBN 1402729677): Author and animal expert Diana L Guerrero has penned several books. Visit Blessing of the Animals to read excerpts and to catch the latest news on animal ceremonies of all types in the blog at

What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality (ISBN 1893361845): This book by author and animal expert Diana L Guerrero is touring the globe. Read excerpts and visit the blog at

If you want to find more sites with Diana L Guerrero we recommend doing a search under her name through any of the major search engines.

Organizations of Interest