About Diana L Guerrero (@arklady)

Taking Over Where Noah Left Off!
Welcome and thanks for your interest and for clicking the URL in my Twitter profile. Sit back and relax while I take a moment to give you a little background on who I am and what I do.

My name is Diana L Guerrero and I’m the gal behind ArkAnimals.com, several other websites (listed below), and the @arklady twitter account.

You can read more about my professional journey at About ArkAnimals but this page will give you a quick overview about who I am and what I do.

I am an American who was born and raised in California and who has been working with animals professionally since 1975.

In 1994 after an accident left me temporarily disabled, I began to write professionally and delved into spirituality and alternative methods of healing.

Today I live in a small rustic mountain town and make my living from writing, speaking, consulting, and providing unique animal services. I also really enjoy blogging and podcasting.

Ark Lady’s Blogs & Websites
My web adventures began in 1995 when I began writing for the Internet, magazines, and other publications.

ArkAnimals.com was originally a subdomain that was moved to become its own entity as it grew in popularity. It was also one of the first sites to tackle wild and domestic animal behavior, training, and careers. Over time, this site sparked a number of others, including several that I manage today–but the following are my main projects:

Ark Animals continues to discuss both wild and domestic animals. This blog covers a variety of topics such as conservation and pet related topics but focuses on animal careers, animal behavior and animal training.

Reading the Ark Animals blog will give you my professional insights, tips and hints that will hopefully help you improve your animal relationships and also help you to gain better behavior from those animals in your life. It will hopefully make those animals in your life happier and healthier. (In 2011 I plan to open an online Pet Parenting School so don’t miss it.)

If you would like to join me on an armchair safari here at Ark Animals please subscribe to my monthly newsletter. Make sure to also sign up to the ArkAnimals RSS feed so you don’t miss a thing!

This is a site for the media (journalists, radio and television producers, meeting planners, and event coordinators) and contains information to help them determine if I am the right animal expert source, on-air guest talent, or speaker. Reels, clips, biography, and credits fill these pages along with breaking news commentary for those who subscribe. It is not a site for the general public.

Guerrero Ink
This is my freelance writing and marketing blog where I discuss projects and new products that help pet industry establishments and mountain resort businesses. A small selection of my portfolio of projects is viewable here. Every month I discuss unique brick and mortar challenges faced by those operating small businesses.

ArkLady on Twitter
You obviously have an interest in Twitter because you clicked through on my Twitter Profile link. I’d love to connect with you there via my @ArkLady (animals) or @TheArkLady (geek girl) twitter accounts.

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll get a variety of things. Mostly I share links to news or unique posts I discover and that I think will be of interest. You’ll also receive notifications of my latest posts from ArkAnimals and about the antics taking place in the town of Fawnskin (which is a lot like the town Cicely in Northern Exposure).

Ark Lady’s Books
I’ve written or contributed to a variety of books. In them I share my love of animals and my insights on how you can build better relationships with both wild and domestic animals. Two of these books have their own websites:

What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality
This book website weaves story and discussions together to illustrate how encounters and relationships with animals (wild and domestic) can help people grow. The book includes a blend of both scientific and alternative methods to improve animal communication and understanding. I also discuss pet loss and animals in the after life. Excerpts are available online.

If you want to grab a copy of What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality: Inspiring Lessons of Wild & Tame Creatures (ISBN 1893361845) you can find What Animals Can Teach Us About Spirituality: Inspiring Lessons from Wild and Tame Creatures at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, or at any bookstore in the United States, Canada, India, Germany, or the United Kingdom.

Blessing of the Animals
This is the website for my book of the same name. Blessing of the Animals discusses the history of pet blessings, how to conduct them, and where to find them but that is not all. It is a companion animal lifestyle guide that covers a variety of pet ceremonial trends such as pet weddings, pet parties, pet mitzvahs, pet eulogies, and includes tips and hints for conducting your own. It is updated with news and my commentary periodically and offers you excerpts from the book online.

If you want to grab a copy you can find Blessing of the Animals: A Guide to Prayers & Ceremonies Celebrating Pets & Other Creatures at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, or at any bookstore in the United States, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom.

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