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Do you dream about an animal career, a pet job, or finding the right animal school? If so, Animal Career Secrets is the right place to be.

Join animal career specialist Diana L Guerrero and explore careers with animals, hear the latest about unusual animal careers, get the scoop on the newest pet careers, and more. Guerrero will share cutting edge information from leaders of the animal field and you’ll love her interviews with leading animal professionals from around the world. Animal Career Secrets will be updated three times a week and Diana will share insider information that you won’t get anywhere else…don’t miss this armchair adventure!

A Personal Note from Diana L Guerrero

Thanks for dropping by. I began this site in July of 2007 as an answer to the many animal career questions that cross my desk. My goal is to get you some useful information, to help people seeking animal careers, and to build relationships with people who have a passion for animals–and find a select few to mentor.

This blog will be a bit more personal than some of the other websites I write for and hope it it will become THE community for those seeking careers with animals. The motivation behind Animal Career Secrets is to provide information to those who have yet to book an appointment for a career consultation or to attend any of my Unusual Animal Career seminars.

Since I consult on animal careers and related topics and make my living that way, I hope you will send me questions about information you are seeking, sites that you find useful, and that you will support Animal Career Secrets by using the affiliate and sponsorships links throughout the site (and in Resource area) to keep this project running.

If you need to find out more about me please visit https://www.arkanimals.com or visit my websites links in the Resource area.

To contact me please use the form to sign up on the Animal Career Secrets list and contact me through that address.

Have a great time in this online adventure into the jungle of animal careers!
Diana L Guerrero

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