Flea Control Secrets: How to Get Rid of Fleas & Live Flea Free took ages to complete. Although this project was started in 2008, recent breaking news questioning the safety of flea control products and an EPA Advisory in 2009 prompted me to finish it.

This work contains a variety of information related to natural flea remedies, home flea treatments, old fashioned flea remedies, obsolete flea treatments, herbal alternatives, and some of the least toxic chemical flea control products.

The triangle to successful flea control is the key for the strategies outlined in the work (first written about by me in the 1990s). Those seven proven strategies can be implemented by pet parents in order to successfully kill fleas.

I hope you enjoy this work and that it assists you in your quest to eradicate those little suckers from your home, yard, and pets.ark lady flea control secrets