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Animal Expert’s Weekly Roundup – April 27, 2010

Orcinus orca on the Hunt (Videos)

Orcinus orca is a powerful predator. Newer research has revealed that there are more incidents of whale predation without consumption.

In addition, the generally accepted rule that transients were dangerous and residents were friendly has broken down at times.

It is also thought that as the chinook and normal prey dwindle due to over fishing and habitat degradation, that orcas are adapting and changing their diets.

This is interesting since recent public news states that the different orcas might be different subspecies.

In some instances, the diet change means consuming sea otters and sea lions instead.

Despite research that began seriously in the 1970s, we still don’t know a lot about these creatures.

However, below I’ve included a few videos for you to see some of their predation and despite people who insist the whales are “playing” or “toying” with the animals, their movements and actions convey aggression.