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Obama Dog & The Name Game

So now that the choice of what type of dog has been narrowed down to a couple of breeds, the blogsphere and news media are now focusing on what names might be right for the Presidential Pooch.

Sheesh, you’d think there wasn’t any other news.

I loved how political cartoonist Jeff Koterba jumped on this frenzy by illustrating cats protesting outside the White House gates.

The image to the right is just a teaser to get you to head over to take a look at the whole cartoon and commentary over at the Orange Country Register’s Fur Flies over the Focus on Obama’s dog.

This is a topic that people are having fun with…the Seattle Political Satire Examiner released a tongue-in-cheek article about how the future Obama dog will have to face a psyche evaluation while the Obama Dog blog is asking for name suggestions.

They blogged that the name Maverick, picked as most popular by readers of L.A. Unleashed was a good one.

*gasp* (That’s for Luisa & Gina.)

But some of us will head over to the Obameter to check it out while also keeping an eye out on topics other than the Obama dog.

So, I wonder if the Obama girls will start pondering names now or wait until they actually meet the pooch before deciding…maybe the dog will already have a name!

Veterinary Service Tax: Call the Governator

I wrote about the proposed California veterinary service tax in November but please take 30 seconds to call the Governor’s office to oppose this. If you want to keep on top of things check out the blog.

It’s all automated and takes less than a minute it’s super easy. Here is how to do it:

a.. Call the Governor’s office at 916-445-2841.
b.. Select your language choice. Press “1” for English.
c.. Press “5” to leave your opinion on a current issue.
d.. Press “1” to select the issue of extending the sales tax to veterinary services.
e.. Press “2” to “oppose” the Veterinary Services Tax proposal.