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Elmendorf, Alaska Wolf Pack Troubles

Here is a link to the CNN Video on the two women who were surrounded by a wolf pack while walking their dogs. The wolves were known to be an issue in the area so why did they venture out anyway?

This report from Fort Rich talks about several incidents with the same wolf pack.

As wild animals become more habituated to humans and we continue to squeeze them into smaller and smaller territories, continue to build within wildlife habitat, such events will continue to increase.

Here is an interesting summary on wolf attacks, I am not familiar with the author.

In response to the recent attacks on dogs and then the women with the dogs, the area has been restricted to entry due to the Elmendorf wolf pack incidents.

On a side note, urban coyotes make snacks out of pets regularly.

Incident Logs & Other Questions

The report from the San Francisco Chronicle makes me wonder how often the zoo actually has emergency drills.

Another question crossed my desk yesterday, what were three guys of that age doing at the zoo on Christmas day? Isn’t that unusual–wouldn’t they be hanging out with their buddies or people of their own age group?

Perhaps they were wildlife enthusiasts–but I doubt it.

Zoos across the nation are being asked about their safety practices and are reassuring the public. However, accidents do happen and so drills and training are essential.

The other issue that keeps getting raised is that regarding the zoo employee actions. First, only trained personnel can handle fire arms and tranquilizers. Second, tranquilizers do not work fast enough to safely contain a predator when there is danger to humans or other animals.

I am a bit shocked that it looks like the Security department delayed entry to the municipal rescue agencies–did they not have a mutual aid agreement in place? Were the rest of the non-animal employees left out of the disaster planning review drills?

Yes, there is only speculation over the taunting of the Siberian tiger , however the animal would have needed high motivation to climb out of her enclosure.

I get sick of visitor behavior at animal parks and zoos–maybe Tatiana will be the new poster tiger for “Don’t Disturb the Animals.”

BTW: Did anyone get their mitts on the Dhaliwal or Sousa cell phones to see if anyone was video taping or snapping pictures?